3D Printer – It’s Here!

I decided a few days ago that I was going to buy the Monoprice Mini Delta. I also decided that I would wait until after Christmas to place my order – no point in jamming up the rush with all of the other packages in transit.

So, I ordered it around noon yesterday (26th). I was notified that it was shipping from Kentucky via FedEx Home Delivery. It showed up TODAY (27th) BEFORE 10 AM! I was planing on spending part of the day clearing off my desk in the library (a flat space with lots of office type stuff covering it) for the printer. I’m still finishing that up and should be done soon so I can at least unpack the printer. Gotta check out to make sure the lights at least come on.

I also ordered filament from two separate sources. One from Amazon (Hatchbox PLA – Silver) which has not yet shipped and the other from MatterHackers (PolyMaker PolyLite PLA – Red) which will enter the USPS mail stream later today.  It’s supposed to ship Priority Mail so it will no doubt get here long before the Amazon order even though I ordered from Amazon on Wednesday and MatterHackers on Thursday.

MatterHackers is out of stock on almost everything right now and the PolyLite is a bit more expensive than the Hatchbox but it gives me a chance to try out a couple of known good filaments. I’ll no doubt be ordering more and I think it will probably be from MatterHackers. Hopefully they’ll have replenished more stock by that time so I can order some Blue and Black filaments.

It will probably be at least Saturday before I can actually try out the printer. I’m HOPING that it will come in on Saturday but considering it’s coming from California I’m not going to be that disappointed if it doesn’t.



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