3D Printer – First Prints

My first shipment of filament arrived today via Amazon (on SUNDAY which will not happen again). It’s Hatchbox PLA in silver. Quite nice looking as it has a bit of sheen to it’s grey overall color. No issues using it. My only problem is bagging it back up because it won’t fit in a normal 1 gallon zipper bag. A temporary trash bag will have to do.

I printed off the “cat” that came on the original SD card and it worked just great. Being paranoid on the first print I was checking it every 15 minutes to see how it was doing. Just a bit of stringing which is easy to resolve with a quick once over of the heat gun. I’ll look at ways to solve that later. It took about an hour and a quarter.

The next print was the 3DBenchy – the standard benchmark print. This was the first print that I had to ‘slice’ myself from a 3D drawing file. The ‘cat’ came pre-sliced so it was ready to go directly from the supplied SD card. I had some difficulty and it’s not right yet but there is hope. The standard settings don’t seem to be quite right to set up the starting elevation and it appears that the printer is trying to print below the surface of the bed. When this happens filament can’t extrude properly and things just kind of oozes out the sides and all over. The third try I got it much closer and it looked like it was going to print OK so I let it go. Print time was 1 hour 50 minutes.

I was taking photos and short videos while doing this and I’ll post some of them up on my next entry.

My next box of filament should arrive tomorrow. I’ll use it to print my first modification to the printer – a filament guide so that the filament doesn’t rub on the side of the printer. I have a couple of other things to try out too.


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